San Marino 16. What I didn’t see & finishing up

There are a few museums in San Marino. One was a Torture museum, and one was a general museum for San Marino history, the first one didn’t appeal to me, and the other wasn’t open when I was there.

The other thing is the San Marino race track.

The San Marino Grand Prix where Ayrton Senna and Roland Rantzenburger both died in separate crashes only a week apart is actually 100km away from San Marino the country, in Imola, Italy.

After seeing the castles and the view from the top, I took a bus back down the hill and headed back to Rimini, Italy and got the train to meet my Italian friend in Modena, more on this later.

Overall, I’m really glad after much research and figuring out entry points (and one aborted attempt, the first time I tried to get to Andorra) I got to see the tiny obscure bits of Europe I wanted. I also got to visit my good friend Ian who lives in Munich before I took the bus to Friedrichshafen in southern Germany, get a boat to Switzerland and take the train to Liechtenstein.

San Marino might not be the last of the tiny countries for good, but it is for the time being. With all the concern with Brexit and relations between UK and the continent, I have got to see vibrant, small different nations that are healthy economically.

The end. Actually see my next trip to Italy, where I accidently found the Ferrari HQ (soon)

1. Planning visit to my final tiny country – 2. Flying to Italy for the price of two pizzas – 3. Getting there from Bologna via Rimini – 4. City of Rimini – 5. Walking from Rimini to San Marino – 6. What sort of mini country is this – 7. Serraville, San Marino’s northern town – 8. San Marino’s only youth hotel – 9. Castles in the sky – 10. Safe up the top – 11. The tall centre of community of San Marino – 12. novelty shops, post office and passport stamps – 13. The government buildings and plaza – 14. Automobiles – 15. The three towers – 16. What I didn’t see & finishing up

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