San Marino 13. The government buildings and plaza

Here’s San Marino’s government offices, known as Palazzo Pubblico della Repubblica di San Marino

Here is the back, plus the office cars

This iconic building features on stamps, and a lot of the brochures shows this place.

There isn’t a king or a president or prime minister. Instead, a local council votes on two leaders known as a “Captains Regent”, both will serve for 6 months. This happens on April and October of each year.

This is one of the oldest democracies in the world. Back to AD301 in fact.

This country has a football team that always loses, and is sometimes takes part on Eurovision.

There is also a really superb view of the south west side of the county from up here.

1. Planning visit to my final tiny country – 2. Flying to Italy for the price of two pizzas – 3. Getting there from Bologna via Rimini – 4. City of Rimini – 5. Walking from Rimini to San Marino – 6. What sort of mini country is this – 7. Serraville, San Marino’s northern town – 8. San Marino’s only youth hotel – 9. Castles in the sky – 10. Safe up the top – 11. The tall centre of community of San Marino – 12. novelty shops, post office and passport stamps – 13. The government buildings and plaza – 14. Automobiles – 15. The three towers – 16. What I didn’t see & finishing up