Modena, Italy – 2. Modena’s main town

Castel Bolognese? A meaty spaghetti kind of place? Actually, this was the journey I made from San Marino/Rimini to Bologna and then onto Modena. I thought it was just Germany that had food themed cities, like Frankfurt(er) and Hamburg(er). But it makes sense that Bologna is the place famous for a Spaghetti dish. Italy, without any question is the food capital of the world bar none.

I really didn’t know much about the town at all Modena. I spoke to my friend on the phone who lives in the north part of Italy, and chose this place as it was halfway in between where we both staying. This was a massive gamble, as we didn’t know how things were for Covid restrictions, when in October we were thought we were at the end of this pandemic. Only whilst looking on my phone on this train did I know this was the Ferrari city.

Daniel showed me around this place with its charming old church and this really superb delicatessen place. He’s a bit shy and doesn’t want to get seen on the internet.

He told me that many Italians are leaving for UK, Germany or Holland. Setting up a small business is frustrating when many are paying 60% tax, thus Italians would like to set up Italian style eateries in other countries without bureaucracy and massive tax. With all the uncertainity about Brexit, its interesting people have forgotten that many EU states have their own massive problems not spoken about much. By the way, Daniel was my housemate in London, and we became really great friends living together for about 6 months, he actually prefers living in London, where as decided to escape London in November 2020 when I got tired of needing to find another place to rent when my tenancy finished.

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