Liechtenstein 10. Government buildings and museums

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Vaduz government buildings are here, they look very modern.   I didn’t get to go inside or learn much about their administration system.

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What was also very modern was this modern art museum.   I went here by mistake, don’t go it is really boring and a waste of 15 Francs.   There is another museum with a proper history of this country which I didn’t visit and I need to get back to my hostel on the train as it was getting late.

I wanted to get back to this little country but here and Switzerland have already massively busted my budget, and I still had to get to Zurich to spend the last few days before flying home.

Lastly, I finally get to meet and chat with a local person, actually, the two ladies who work for the stamps museums.   All these micro countries are very proud of their functioning post office and own stamps.   I bought some postcards and stamps.   They told me they only real thing this nation lacks is a maternity ward, and the hospital here in Liechtenstein is too small and new babies have to be born in St Gallen in Switzerland.

That’s all.   I achieved my bucket list of visiting some of the weird obscure small countries of Europe (which most aren’t part of the EU and are jolly pleasant places to live) before the UK Brexit leaving date which is in October 2019.

The only ones I need to visit are San Marino and Vatican I’ll do one day.

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