Leaving the EU with a fishing agreement Deja vu

I don’t talk about Brexit on my blog very often. Really my jaunts around small Euro countries were to show these nations cope very well without EU and are pleasant places to live with no crime or unemployment. I think the UK will do the same, the real battle is the fight with Covd.

I remember a few articles that the huge but tiny population nation of Greenland voted to leave the EEC in 1982, and actually left in 1985. Greenland has just 50,000 people, it has its own government but also partly ruled by Denmark which is still in the EU.

I did some research and decided to see if the links on Wikipedia had any meaningful information. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenland%E2%80%93European_Union_relations#cite_note-17

The link on the now deleted EU site doesn’t give what terms needed to be kept when Greenland left, but here is a resurrected deleted article from Greenland’s government site

https://web.archive.org/web/20140416110747/http://eu.nanoq.gl/Emner/EuGl/The%20Greenland%20Treaty.aspx – be patient this loads slowly – or, read this screenshot:-

The deal was over fishing just like Britain today. Some things never change. Greenland’s economy didn’t suffer after leaving, they actually did quite fine.

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