Djerba, Tunisia trip – 6. Tunisian Market

IMG_20191117_104712546 1024

IMG_20191117_105904354 1024Tunisia’s #1 most famous product – dates!   these are not the shrivelled up ones that come in a small box, the fresh ones are really nice!!

This is a huge market where you can buy all kinds of things.

I walked the distance of this road, and there must have been over a kilometre of vendors with stuff for sale and entirely locals out buying.   I rarely saw any other tourists.

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Most of the people are selling out of vans and pick up trucks, but also what looks like a converted fire engine.   These pickled vegetables use recycled fizzy drink bottles, something that Arabs in Nazareth, Israel I saw years ago.

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Saucepans, electrical fittings and motorcycle parts.   There are a lot of small scooters around Djerba, every teenage lad seems to have one, a little worrying as no one uses helmets.

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