Djerba, Tunisia trip – 17. Tunisian butchers and fisherman

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These butchers have cages of chickens, some have a couple of rabbits and a duck.

The animals are still walking around and you pick the one you want and they take it around the back and slaughter it and give it to you in a bag.  Probably quite shocking to western society, but not a whole lot different.

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Also fishing is a big thing in Djerba.  There are thousands of these clay pots here, these are used to catch octopus who are tempted to climb inside.

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There are these pirate ships that take tourists around during the summer season.

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IMG_20191123_133830797 1024This is the main fish market here in the Souk in Djerba.   It’s as simple as a tiled ceramic counter where the fish are displayed without any kind of packaging.    A “National office of fish” is quite an odd statement for this market.

Just around the corner from here, I got to have some grilled tilapia, some feral cars patrol round here which reminded me of the ones in Jerusalem.  The fish was really good, but I gave the cats the head and the tail pieces.

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Yes, this is a real bull.   He looks big enough to easily pull this sign out of the ground.  I suspect livestock offered for sale like this, might have been doped to make them easier to deal with.

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