Djerba, Tunisia trip – 8. Ferry to mainland Tunisia

Close to the ferry port of Ajim, towards the south west corner of the island is the “Mos Eisley Catina” bar.   The fictional bustling bar full of different intergalactic characters from the original Star Wars New Hope film from 1977.   I didn’t get to stop here, this was a little disappointing, but other bloggers told me its not much to look out from the outside.   A short distance away is the ferry I needed to get to the mainland.

I asked at this police station where I can buy a ticket to get on the ferry from Ajim, Djerba to the Jorf, mainland Tunisia.

After finding someone who could speak English, it turns out the ferry is free for passengers and you only need to pay if you are taking a car along.

DSCF1116 1024

Just about to lock the bow doors, before sailing.

DSCF1117 1024

The deck is packed quite tightly with cars.   Note that this wouldn’t be Africa if there wasn’t a truck with a couple of goats on the back.

This is where I made my first mistake….   To get to other places you can get a taxi van from a stop a few hundred metres from this ferry port, but to get to the small desert town of Matmata, I should of got a dedicated bus from the main part of Djerba would of taken me straight there, although I’m unsure this boat looks like it could cope with a big bus…

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