Djerba, Tunisia trip – 3. My hotel in Djerba

After getting off the plane, I’m only 7 or 8km from Houmt Souk, the main city on this island.

The yellow Dacia taxi that took me there had to just drive in a straight line through a empty main road, so the driver put his headlights on fullbeam and straddled both lanes, and I watched as I saw the speedo needle creep up and up as he put his foot down until I saw it pointed to 120kph.

My hotel is very cheap but could be considered quite primitive…

djerba hotel 1024

DSCF0952 1024I have an ensuite bathroom – without a toilet.  There are these two beds, a mattress on top of a stone shelf, but quite a comfortable temperature actually.    Tunisia climate is pleasant in November.   In the morning the Islamic call to prayer comes into my window a bit earlier than I would prefer.

Outside is a pleasant court yard with some trees, and a simple table as there is dinner which I had couscous and beef included in the £5/night cost of the room, as well as breakfast of some French bread and jam and coffee.

DSCF0946 1024

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