Djerba, Tunisia trip – 18. Libyan and Algerian neighbours

You can see the south-east corner of the island of Djerba connects to the mainland, so you can drive all the way there from Libya which is 300-400km, to do business here, this is a poorer country, but more stable than Libya which the UK home office say is a no-go place for tourism.   The outer radius of Tunisia is not safe also.

DSCF1348 1024

So I’m in the main centre of Hamout Souk, in the Island of Djerba, Tunisia, but these flags are from a different African nation, actually one next door – Algeria.

DSCF1374 1024.jpg

The women’s dresses look nice, and I really like these big metal teapots.

DSCF1376 1024

IMG_20200103_225945038 1024A lot of these are handicrafts from Berber/Amazigh people, the original inhabitants of North Africa.  The three-pointed symmetrical symbol is part of their culture.

The best thing about this particular market is that everything is labelled and cheap, no need to barter.

I got this nice tagine.  I’m glad it survived the journey home, as want to try and do some cooking with it.  I see a lot of cars from Libya, as the licence plates are different, and I did a google translate of the words into Arabic and it matched what I saw.

1. Plans – 2. French Connection – 3. My hotel in Djerba – 4. El Griba synagogue outside – 5. El Griba synagogue inside – 6. Markets – 7. Christianity in Tunisia – 8. Ferry to mainland Tunisia – 9. Getting to Matmata, Tunisia – 10. Sidi Idris Hotel New Hope Star Wars filmset – 11. Secrets I learnt about the famous Matmata Star Wars set – 12. Cave homes for would-be Jedis – 13. More what you don’t see in Star Wars at Hotel Sidi Idris – 14. How hospitable is Sidi Idris? – 15. ATM machines and drought – 16. Matmata Nouvelle (New Matmata) – 17. Tunisian butchers and fisherman – 18. Libyan and Algerian neighbours – 19. Jewellery businesses in Djerba – 20. Tunisia and Israel relations – 21. Hara Kebira, Jewish school, soap and TV repair shops – 22. Jewish community of Hara Kebira – 23. Going home


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