Djerba, Tunisia trip – 14. How hospitable is Sidi Idris?

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Actually, very!  I love this place, it is completely unique!

This is the reception counter at the hotel.  The wifi only works up to a few metres away from here…

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Folks here are proud of their Berber culture, this is the alphabet of the Tamazigh language which is native to North Africa long before Islam existed and Arabic was introduced.

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IMG_20191119_144423405 1024Dinner fit for a Jedi.   Breakfast is French bread and jam and coffee.   An evening meal is couscous, beef, carrots and other veg, a cheese omelette thing and salad.   Its mostly the same thing each evening, pretty similar to Morocco food in a lot of ways.

Or you can eat in Luke’s actual dining room as well.

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Not the Mos Eisley bar, as that’s back on Djerba Island.  Therefore you can bring your droids.   This small cave bar is pretty good, local beer is 3 Dinar (90p) and they do spirits too.   Although this is a Muslim country, quite a few people do drink.

Talking of such, the doorways are a little short and there are a lot of steps, therefore Sidi Idriss may not be suitable for Wookies or Droids.

Regardless if you are a Star Wars fan or not, this is a great place to stay if you are looking for something a bit different than a side of a motorway chain hotel.

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