Djerba, Tunisia trip – 7. Christianity in Tunisia

DSCF1349 1024Tunisia is a mostly Muslim country but does still have a functioning Jewish community with many who have already left to Israel, France or elsewhere.

There is a Catholic church in Tunisia but it is empty.  This was only used by Europeans living in this North African nation.   The St Nicholas Orthodox church looks derelict also.

Today, the different Christian organisations that work with the underground church mention there is Christians today in Tunisia but meet in people’s home to avoid persecution.

Christmas? In Tunisia?  In German?   Didn’t see many visitors here in November.   Guess a Christmas by the pool could appeal to some.

IMG_20191118_170141329 1024.jpg

This plant can be seen quite a lot here in Tunisia.   I saw this a few times in Jerusalem, Israel.   Its largely thought to be the crown of thorns plant that was given to Jesus before his crucifixion.

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