East Switzerland – 3. Clever Swiss made things

DSCF0915 1024

DSCF0850 1024It’s not just Swiss army knives that show you an example of efficient Swiss design.

There are a few clever things I saw I think are worth sharing.

A street bicycle pump.   This one is large, heavy duty and fixed to the ground and free for public use.

Now the UK 13 amp type sockets are different from the rest of Europe, feel chunky and robust.


This is a Swiss electrical wall socket, these are close-ish to the rest of Europe also, but only slightly different.   The two pins for live and neutral are the same so a phone charger I bought in a hurry in Hungary will work as it doesn’t have a grounding pin. Devices with three pins will have the middle pin closer to the middle ones.

DSCF0861 1024Also, there are three sockets on a wall plate normally where you would find only one.   Like a Swiss army knife, combine several things in a small package.  These sockets were also seen in Liechtenstein.

Meat slicer.  These are stylish and different as a probably intended for commercial catering.  They are painted with this high gloss paint, which I think means cleaning easy.

DSCF0898 1024


This Swiss horn is an interesting instrument, I am not sure of this is taken apart in pieces or if it collapses like a telescope.

All these things I saw on the streets of Zurich.


DSCF0853 1024.jpg

DSCF0879 1024.jpg

Its not hard to find more familiar Swiss craft like watches and chocolate in Zurich as well.

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