Liechtenstein 7. bars, shops, Olympics

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Where as Liecht (I can’t actually spell this place without checking) comes across as just as conservative, prim and proper as Switzerland, as well as the biker place I mentioned, there are signs that this little country is a bit rebellious.

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Kind of a bit like your parents are Switzerland and Austria, and they are vicar and lawyer and you are trying to shed your nice boy image, there is a tattoo place and several bars like this one which is aimed at a clientele which a bit different from you expect from somebody who grew up in a cute mountain village.

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This place Micros and the Coop are your go-to places when visiting here.  The main supermarket chains in Switzerland, but also in Leicht.   Eating out is so hideously expensive, it’s simply better to cook yourself as I did later in Zurich.

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Antique shop, actually it’s more like a government surplus place.  There is no army in Liechtenstein.

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These flags were interesting, it mentions “Liechtenstein Olympic committee.”

olympics1  olympics2

GERMANY 1. Dachau concentration camp – 2. BMW museum – 3. BMW World futuristic showroom – 4. Neuschwanstein Castle – 5. 1972 Munich Olympics village – 6. Tourism and going out in Munich – 7. Deutsches Museum – 8. Business in the UK, Germany and Israel – 9. Friedrichshafen, a pleasant German town on a lake

SWITZERLAND 1. Trying to do ‘cheap’ Switzerland – 2. The town of Grusch – 3. Clever Swiss made things – 4. Train from Grusch to Zurich – 5. Zurich, the more liberal Switzerland – 6. Swiss dinosaurs

LIECHTENSTEIN 1. Plans – 2. Getting into this tiny nation – 3. Motorbikes, cars and kebab shops in Vaduz, Liechtenstein – 4. Small country topography – 5. Road up to the castle – 6. The Prince’s castle and vineyard – 7. bars, shops, Olympics – 8. Tiny country, big output – 9. Vaduz church – 10. Government buildings and museums

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