Liechtenstein 4. Small country topography

The cross at the bottom is Grusch where I stayed a couple of nights.   On the top right is Feldkirch which looked nice but was shut until the spring.

I messed around with Google maps to get some 3D maps with terrian.

fl ariel view.png

Just the orange part is actual Liechtenstein.

When I look sideways at this place with Switzerland behind me, the river is the whole border of the bottom curved edge.   About half of the country isn’t actually habitable as its mountainous, with the exception of a few streets that sit on a shelf.

fl ariel view2.png

The main part in the middle with Schaan on the left and Vaduz on the right.

This country is just 38,000 people, there is 160 square km in this mini country.

GERMANY 1. Dachau concentration camp – 2. BMW museum – 3. BMW World futuristic showroom – 4. Neuschwanstein Castle – 5. 1972 Munich Olympics village – 6. Tourism and going out in Munich – 7. Deutsches Museum – 8. Business in the UK, Germany and Israel – 9. Friedrichshafen, a pleasant German town on a lake

SWITZERLAND 1. Trying to do ‘cheap’ Switzerland – 2. The town of Grusch – 3. Clever Swiss made things – 4. Train from Grusch to Zurich – 5. Zurich, the more liberal Switzerland – 6. Swiss dinosaurs

LIECHTENSTEIN 1. Plans – 2. Getting into this tiny nation – 3. Motorbikes, cars and kebab shops in Vaduz, Liechtenstein – 4. Small country topography – 5. Road up to the castle – 6. The Prince’s castle and vineyard – 7. bars, shops, Olympics – 8. Tiny country, big output – 9. Vaduz church – 10. Government buildings and museums

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