Germany 9. Friedrichshafen, a pleasant German town on a lake

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A pleasant walk along here, but the coast is misty enough in the morning to not see the Swiss neighbours.

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The Zeppelin museum here is great!  This has part of the body of an airship, videos and exhibits of these mammoth flying machines.

This cast iron tower at the end of the pier is a nice centre point in the middle of the coast of Friedrichshafen.

The youth hostel here is about 2km from the town centre and clean and pleasant but extremely quiet at this time (beginning of March 2019)

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This boat takes you to Switzerland for 10 Euros or 12 Swiss Francs.

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Among cranes and equipment on the dock of the coast of the Lake.   Look closely at this bench, it has the German and Swiss flags.

I smiled and said hi to security guards before boarding the boat, expecting that they would want to see my passport and ticket.  They didn’t.    I’m curious to know how many instances of travelling from one country to another where no one really cares about your credentials.   Looking behind me is an EU sign for people coming from the Swiss side as Switzerland has never been in the EU bloc.

The boat journey reminds me of going from my home city of Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight, its short and simple, there is a decent cafe on there.    I chatted for about 30 mins to a Nigerian IT guy who was going for an interview for a job in Switzerland.

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