East Switzerland – 6. Swiss dinosaurs

This is really something you don’t expect to see in Switzerland at all.

DSCF0890 1024.jpg

This is a museum that is part of Zurich University.   The collection of stuffed animals is pretty good, but what really surprised me was this:

DSCF0893 1024

This is a Tanystropheus, its a 3 metre long dinosaur I’ve never seen before.  I never expected dinosaur bones to be found in the Swiss Alps.

The other one not pictured is a Helveticasaurus, could be a posh type of font found in a dictionary.   Helvetia is actually the Latin word for Switzerland, where the letters “CH” are used to denote Switzerland, being Confederation of Helvetia.

This reminds me of a story.   When I was about 9 years old, my teacher asked me to go to the library and look up what was the biggest dinosaur.   I looked in 4 different books, and each one told me something different.    This was because one of the books was very old, and one very new, and few in between, new types of scientific discoveries happen over the years.

A few months later I was asked to research planets, how many moons around Jupiter.   Because of the books being of differing years, one was 3, another 6 another 12.

This is taught me a lesson in life, and that is to research and question everything you are taught and respectfully challenge authority.   I’ve applied this to my way I look at the bible, science, government and work (I am in IT)  but sometimes gets me in trouble!



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