Germany 3. BMW World futuristic showroom

Coming out of the BMW museum, across the plaza is a big space age looking building.

bmw showroom1 1024

BMW World is a giant dealership which complements the museum, but with free entry as a special dealership showroom on a big scale of all their current new products.

DSCF0485 1024

Every car is represented, as well as BMW Motorcycles.

DSCF0491 1024.jpg

Not every car is for sale, some seem to be just ideas.   This i8 electric as a police car?   hey if the Dubai cops can do it, why not in Munich?

DSCF0484 1024.jpg

Mini is a British marque but owned by BMW.   There is a decent collection of merchandise on sale with the Mini logo on shirts, bags and other items.

rolls 1024

DSCF0490 1024.jpg

Rolls Royce is British, but also under ownership of the Germans.  Here, this ultra prestige marque has a cabinet with swatches and samples of interior fabric and paint options as well as more specialised customisations like LED stars set into the interior roof, that’s what the thing is on the right of the top picture.

bmw showroom2 1024

This place has a car park underneath with a sloped road that goes up into the middle of the showroom, offering an extra-special experience to take home a new car that’s been ordered.

Later on, I got to see even more motoring exotics in Germany….

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