Liechtenstein 9. Vaduz church

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This is the church in Vaduz, which is Catholic.    I think this is the main religious hub here in Liechtenstein.

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This is a fairly ordinary sort of typical Catholic church.

In 1880, the Duke of Liechtenstein permitted religious freedom in the country. For several years pastors from Switzerland and Austria served the Protestant community. In 1963 a church was built in Vaduz. The Evangelical Church in Liechtenstein adopted this name in 1970 and includes Reformed and Lutheran churches.

Outside there is a poster for service for a young (maybe late 40s) woman who passed away from cancer.

I didn’t find any functional churches in Andorra.   I’d like to see if there are any evangelical churches that meet in a dedicated building or a community centre or someone’s home.   The small close-knit community seems appealing.

It was hard to find local people to chat about life here.   I got to do this on my next post.

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