Germany 6. Tourism and going out in Munich

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When you think of holidays in Germany, you normally think of Munich and beer.   I was here in March, so the wrong time of year for this big famous event.

The pubs here like these big beer halls, are pretty huge, with waitresses with lacy blouses and aprons who serve you at very long tables.    These pretzels are great too.

I think there is live music offered, and relatively easy to chat to other people here.

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Yes, it seems people want to buy these kinds of costumes to get into the spirit of the Oktoberfest!!

IMG_20190224_113043945My Youth hosel was around the corner from here and the main station along with many other hostels.   Most of the folks seem to be very young, often American teenagers on their first trip to Europe, who go a little crazy finding that they can finally drink without needing to be 21 as in the US.

The food here, is well, nothing special.   I like sausages, and these frankfurters were ok, but it seems a bit small portions.

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Right by this grand looking archway in the centre of the city was a couple with a table full of Christian literature.   I’m really glad the local churches here are reaching out to the public with the gospel with teaching in not only German, but also Chinese and Arabic and other languages.

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