Djerba, Tunisia trip – 13. More what you don’t see in Star Wars at Hotel Sidi Idris

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This looks also better at night as you have a clear view of the stars with no light pollution as we are in rural Africa.

From the top-down, you can see the five holes where the Sidi Idris cave hotel is;

IMG_20191119_075110843 1024.jpg

This was my room!   The double bed is really nice and much better than the simple mattress I had in Djerba.   Also, the fact you are in a cave makes the temperature just exactly right, outside in the evening (In November) I needed a hoody on, as it does get a bit chilly.

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The fan room, well I’m not sure what to call it.  This close to the main courtyard has some photos of the original 1977 shooting, but a few other things like a Japanese couple who got married here.    None of the pictures is any better than anything you would find in a local science fiction shop.

IMG_20191119_084440338 1024

This room full of mostly rubbish is in the closed-off area which was being repaired.   Apart from the stale bread that was here, this strange wardrobe thing interested me.   Is this where Luke keeps his power converters?

DSCF1283 1024

One of the other courtyards has some different rooms here, I guess you could sleep here, but you would need to hall yourself the steps with the ropes to access these.

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