Djerba, Tunisia trip – 23. Going home

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I got back to my hotel for my last evening there, there is no one else staying, and the manager of the place brought has two friends over, offered me to join them with the big bowl of spaghetti which was really nice.

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I loved exploring Tunisia, the markets, the Jewish and Muslims communities and Tunisian culture in general, and the scenes from the Star Wars movie, that George Lucas chose a fascinating ancient underground home for the most loved movie ever.   I hope it inspires you, and anyone thinking of going to go and visit soon.

This last photo symbolises Tunisian culture well.   Streets with neatly trimmed trees with hundreds of birds roosting in before sunset, dozens of scooters buzzing around with young men without helmets, elderly men sitting outside cafes drinking strong coffee or mint tea, bakeries with cakes just as a good as a French Patisserie, yellow taxis and paintings of leaders gone by.  The end.

In 2015, I visited Morocco

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