Djerba, Tunisia trip – 21. Hara Kebira, Jewish school, soap and TV repair shops

DSCF1073 1024

At the bottom of Hamout Souk, Djerba is a road junction and this field with large cacti.   On the other side of here is the community of Hara Kebira.

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DSCF1364I chatted to this man and asked to take pictures.  As I love repairing things, I am intrigued by someone who still fixes TVs, where most CRT TV has vanished from western living rooms, along with analogue UHF transmission.

In the same street as the Jewish school, and the TV repairman was this corner shop which had these bottles.   From the faded ‘Perfumery’ text above, It looks like someone makes homemade soap, reusing old water bottles.

DSCF1360 1024Some excited Jewish children came out of their school around the corner going back home for the Sabbath.

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I saw what I think is a smaller synagogue, and also this tall building which has a door at the bottom which is not real, but actually is painted on.

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There was a kosher sandwich shop called Brik Ishak which I thought might be open before the Sabbath (I’m here on an early Friday) but its already closed.   A flood of Jewish kids ran out of the school to buy some toys for sale from an outside street vendor.  But this little scooter van has in Hebrew a message about ‘Yelidim’ (children in Hebrew) so probably advertising a kindergarten.

Walking around seeing Jewish homes had a few more surprises left…

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