Liechtenstein 6. The Prince’s castle and vineyard

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This is the Prince’s castle.  Hans-Adam II is the current reigning monarch of Liechtenstein who is 74 and has been in power since 1989.  Like Monaco, there is no ‘king’ just a prince as a leader, as this asymmetrical building is on a shelf on the side of this mountain.

Interesting enough, he is the richest monarch in Europe with an estimated wealth of US$4B and owns Liechtenstein’s LGT bank.

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You can’t visit here.   As this is his actual house.  Can’t remember and can’t read this sign said.  I can’t see any other entrance, but there is this garden, with some security guards who seemed quite laid back for me to take pictures.    On the other side of the road is a big house which I think is where his servants live.

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Apparently, the prince has a garden party here each year, and locals can join in.

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Families and children are enjoying this park with the castle and the mountain overlooking.   There is one other castle here in this little country but I didn’t get to it.

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Meanwhile back in Vaduz, I saw this vineyard by the main road.   I am not completely certain, but I think this is owned by the Prince, as they do their own exclusive wine in this country, obviously in small quantities.

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