Germany 2. BMW museum

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When you think of German products you often think of motorcars which have got the reputation of being the most desirable in the world, with brands like Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW.

This tower block on the right looks like four cylinders is the office block of BMW’s HQ here in Munich.    Behind this is the actual assembly plant.

Just around the corner is BMW’s actual museum which a collection of historic cars.

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The M series has been BMW’s sub-brand for cars tuned for extra performance for a long time now.

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Not all of BMW’s products to start with were aimed as premium grade autos, this little Isetta car from 1955 was built as a simple tiny vehicle with the emphasis on economy.   I love the way the steering wheel has to pivot forward as part of the front opening door.

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Mock ups of technology-enhanced new vehicles.

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A collection of bigger 5 and 7 series sedans on shelves.  On the right is every generation 3 series until now (seven of them) plus the car in the foreground is a 2001 which was the model before in the late 1960s I think.

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There were more car related attractions to come later.

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